Chris Torres
  • Certifications- CF-L1/L2
  • CF Aerobic Capacity
  • CF Weightlifting
  • CF Anatomy
  • ISSA Strength and Conditioning

FDNY Firefighter and former Collegiate Baseball Player. Athlete with the FDNY CrossFit team and pitcher for the FDNY Baseball Team.

Background / How did you start CrossFit?

Started CrossFit back in 2011 to prepare myself for the stresses of the FDNY Fire Academy. Wound up falling in love with the sport and its competitive nature. I made it a part of my life, and haven’t looked back since.

How long have you been doing CrossFit / Coaching?

Did my foundations in 2011, started coaching in 2012.

Why do you love to coach?

Being able to have a hand in changing someone’s life and outlook, the same way my early coaches did for me, is a huge reason why I love coaching and haven’t stopped for the better part of a decade.

Being able, through IGY6 Fitness and Next Rung, to have a hand in developing the physical abilities of first responders is something I’m extremely passionate about and believe in. Being able to impart what I know for a profession I’m extremely proud of is another big reason why I love what I get to do.

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